P&B Informatica designs, develops and implements database management software ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is the ideal technological partner for manufacturing enterprises, service companies and wholesale outlets.

Management software
All of P&B Informatica database management software ERP are:

high performance, because they are equipped with features, modules and enhanced applications
simple, because they are intuitive and easy to use even for an inexperienced user
flexible, because they are suitable to the actual business type of the individual company
favourable, because they have an excellent quality-cost-benefits report.

The P&B Informatica database management software is already being used by many small and middle sized italian enterprises belonging to various productive and commodities sectors, including wholesale. Above all they have had utmost success in the footwear production industry, given that one of the primary management programs developed by P&B Informatica is PBShoes. Software specifically used for footwear, heel and sole establishments.

Ongoing update
Ongoing update is the power unit of every P&B Informatica operation, a mindset (‘forma mentis’) born from passion and refined with experience. Which on a practical level results in more investments for the development of all the benefits of the software house, more territorial expansion, more professional formation for the work team, more services and assistance for clients, more updates for the database management software.

Direct contact between entrepreneur and software house
In the information technology sector there is an underlying inconsistency. Even if the management software is performant, often the client is unable to find a customized database adequate for their needs and the after sales assistance is not of a high standard. Instead, the companies that come in contact with P&B Informatica can count on a direct, coherent and lasting relationship with the software house. The reason is very simple: P&B Informatica promises only what it can guarantee and always guarantees what it promises.
This privileged affiliation, from one end helps to perfectly calibrate the management software on the actual characteristics of the company, on the other hand it allows to resolve eventual problems in the most timely manner possible.