Software development

Tailor-made software engineering: the custom software development of P&B Informatica

The activities of software development of P&Computer B is not limited to the softwares PBShoes, PBCashCarry, PBGestImm, PBManagement, PBOrganizer.
Also we develop and install software Informatic Systems tailored for companies that have special needs of computerized business process management.

All management solutions of P&B Informatica are rigorously developed by the analyst team of our Software Division.


Resale of products and hardware components

Not only management software. A computer system that is able to offer to the company performance with an added high value also needs products and high quality hardware components for performance, reliability and guarantees.

We offer companies a commercial service of resale of products and hardware components from the best brands that can be easily enriched with activities and consulting services for installation, configuration and maintenance.


Forms for footwear industry

The specialization of P&B Informatica also translates into a design and manufacturing service, supply and consulting forms for shoe, flat, fanfold and product identification systems (reels labels and not).


Adjustment of companies to new legislation

P&B Informatica Srl offers a consulting service for the factory adjustment to the new regulation: from the identification of treatments, risk analysis, the impact assessment and all the provisions of the GDPR.

Service / Support

IT support and professional and continuous technical assistance

P&B Informatica takes great care to assist the customer in every phase, through a team of qualified and specialized professionals ready to offer IT support and technical support in quicker, functional and courteous way as possible.

• Telephone hotline, Monday through Friday 9.00-13.30 and 14.30-18.00
• Direct remote connection
• Intervention at customer headquarters