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Management software to ensure full control and management of real estate assets

This is the management system designed and developed to ensure full control and management of corporate real estate assets of companies that have access to a large number of properties owned or under rent.

It allows a deeper understanding of your own real estate assets, in order to implement strategies for improvement on assets, to analyze the economic aspects and to identify the most appropriate interventions.


A complete and integrated tool, structured by modules, able to manage and organize all the technical information, related to financial and management, optimize use of real estate and determine the status and costs.

The company's multi-organization allows you to manage an unlimited number of companies with a single installation.


The numerous functions cover administrative areas, accountant, technique, legal / legal and financial and allow to combine speed and efficiency with cost-effectiveness and transparency objectives.

  • Personal data of real estate and related data, as features, property, photo, cadastral data, history of notarial acts, inventory etc..
  • Management of all properties, Full function that monitors the delivery or return of keys to workers, customers and tenants.
  • Worksheet, allowing you to record the operations sheets for work to be performed on real estate, assign them to the workers and keep under control the state of work progress.
  • Istat indexes, for the insertion of the monthly ISTAT variations and automatic recalculation of the amounts of dense.
  • Enhancement U.P.A . / P.M.A stock. or from deducting with recovery of the cost price by the buying movements or by the supplier catalog.
  • Proposal for a dense engaged with the Property data, proponent, the down payment and printing of the proposal; in case of positive result, PBGestImm allows you to turn the proposal into a rent contract, bringing all the data automatically.
  • Rent Contract, to record all the data of the rent, generate all the deadlines and enable alerts and reminders; you can also print all the modules connected to the contract, manage customer account statements, any legal actions related to the contract, The meter management, printing and managing F23, attach files to the contract and more.
  • Billing schedule, to bill the rent deadlines, both earlier this month directly to the collection deadlines.
  • Sale propose inserting, registration of compromise with reference to the arrangements for payment, stipulate the document and creates the bill of sale.
  • Manages DDT, invoices, accompanying bills, Credit notes, Debit Notes, proforma invoices, Intra model for the export, etc. All documents have customizable printing modules and are directly related to the Accounting Module. Management of letters of intent issued / received allows a constant check on the management of the VAT tax cap. The management of the ordinary double-entry bookkeeping, is perfectly integrated with each module of the ERP software and includes: Chart of Accounts Management, first note, timetable, ledger, liquidation and VAT tax registers, Bank statements, accounting journal, Print of the Accounting balance sheet, of verification and by cost center, processing of RI.BA. emission. with export files to be sent to banks.

  • Programming language: Visual Basic 6/VB .NET/C#
  • Data access: ADO Technology / OLEDB / ADO.NET
  • User interface: Windows Graphics native 32 bit/HTML5
  • supported databases: MS SQL SERVER
  • Printing Environment: SAP Crystal Reports.