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The ERP system for footwear companies

PBShoes is ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) designed for manufacturing companies and specific for the shoe and fashion companies.

It contains in a single product all the information technology developed and applied in over thirty years to the production management, economic and accounting of Italian companies that manufacture and sell footwear, bags, belts, leather, heels, soles, and accessories.


PBShoes is the ERP solution that optimizes business processes and helps to better manage all stages of the production process ensuring an integral and strategic management control.

Born to streamline complex business processes and help manage the company in a targeted manner thanks to an integrated approach with the problems of the footwear sector.

It always provide excellent performance thanks to the constant and continous evolution and thanks to the high specialization and customization standards.

With the introduction of PBShoes the company can increase its productivity, reducing costs in consequence of a more efficient management of operations.


The management system PBShoes ERP is an integral part of the organizational flows of the company: controls them, manages them, and also suggests what to do and when you should perform certain tasks, for example to propose what and when to buy, from which suppliers, what and when to launch into production, such as processing, components or raw materials are needed to produce an article, such as inventories, such as costs or the timing supply.

It interacts and controls the phases and business processes through the following features:

  • Item Master and components with advanced technical specifications and multi variant for items, shod, colors, product categories, sizes groupings, seasons, specific fo models, etc.
  • Stock movements, loading and unloading goods, multi deposit.
  • Closing manual hills or from wizard, label printing, print of packing list.
  • cost card with cost management of raw materials, shipping and processing costs, profit management, customized printing catalogs.
  • Enhancement U.P.A . / P.M.A stock. or from deducting with recovery of the cost price by the buying movements or by the supplier catalog.
  • Customer Orders with items ordered and ability to recall existing variants or entering new ones, delivery dates, numbered, shipping data, selling prices, connection to the production cycle, etc.
  • Carrying out of the customer orders, with the possibility to filter the rows ready to be shipped and the creation of shipping documents automatically.
  • Manual orders to the supplier, where you can place the materials and quantities to be ordered, Automatic order to the supplier, where the wizard interfaces with the warehouse and suggests the minimum quantity to be ordered, or, supplier order connected to the single customer order with availability of check the stock supplies.
  • Order Fulfillment supplier, which allows to load warehouse with the quantities of materials receveid and to close partially or entirely the supplier's order.
  • Requirements of raw materials, manual production advancements or with barcode reader, production status, analysis of production, work scheduling (lets you decide what to produce by analyzing the needs and crossing data with inventories).
  • Print processing card, grouped processing coupon printing, label printing.
  • External production with workman records, processing list, DDT manufacturing account for matriculation number assignment, returning matriculation numbers, account statement and workman payment.
  • Manages DDT, invoices, accompanying bills, Credit notes, Debit Notes, proforma invoices, Intra model for the export, etc. All documents have customizable printing modules and are directly related to the Accounting Module. Management of letters of intent issued / received allows a constant check on the management of the VAT tax cap. The document management is seamlessly integrated with the production process. The management of the ordinary double-entry bookkeeping, is perfectly integrated with each module of the ERP software and includes: Chart of Accounts Management, first note, timetable, ledger, liquidation and VAT tax registers, Bank statements, accounting journal, Print of the Accounting balance sheet, of verification and by cost center, processing of RI.BA. emission. with export files to be sent to banks.

  • Programming language: Visual Basic 6/VB .NET/C#
  • Data access: ADO Technology / OLEDB / ADO.NET
  • User interface: Windows Graphics native 32 bit/HTML5.
  • supported databases: MS SQL SERVER
  • Printing Environment: SAP Crystal Reports.
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